Ring Die For Shrimp Pellet Mill Machine

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Shrimp feed pellet mill ring die
Shrimp feed pellet mill ring die is very important part of aqua ring die pellet machine in the whole manufacturing process.The quality of pellet mill ring die not only directly relates with the quality and output of pellets, but also the running state of equipment and maintenance cost.

FDSP is manufacturer of pellet machinery and pellet line,we produce pellet mill ring die and roller by ourselves with cheap cost,We accept customized pellet mill ring die.

Detailed Images

ring die

Main Features 

  1. Uniform hole taper;

  2. Smooth hole surface;

  3. Good inside structure;

  4. Excellent drilling process;

  5. Uniform hole design and pattern;

  6. Polishing inside and outside surface to make good cut for feed;

  7. Automatic drilling machinery provides good design and accurate hole pattern;

  8. Adopting of high-quality exported feedstock to ensure fine quality of products;

  9. According to customer‘s requirements,design various suitable hole diameters.

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