Long Service Time Ring Die For Various Brands Of Pellet Mill

Long Service Time Ring Die For Various Brands Of Pellet Mill
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Introduction of customized alloy steel ring die
Ring die is very important part of ring die pellet machine in the whole manufacturing process. The quality of ring die not only immediately relates with the quality and output of pellets, but also the running state of equipment and maintenance cost.

Applicable for 

Animal feed pellet machine: 

poultry feed pellet machine, livestock feed pellet machine, aqua feed pellet machine etc.
Biomass pellet machine: wood pellet mill, sawdust pellet mill, grass pellet mill, straw pellet mill, crop stalk pellet machine, alfalfa pellet mill etc.
Fertilizerpellet machine etc.

Basic information of FDSP ring die:
Material: High quality stainless steel; high-chromium alloy steel; wearable carbon steel
Hole Diameter: Feed size 2-12mm; wood pellet size 6-12mm
Hardness: HRC 52-56
Die hole processing: Germany gun drilling
Heat treatment: Vacuum quenching
Service life: about 1000 hours

Specification customized:
We can supply ring die for all the main brands of pellet machine such as ANDRITZ, CPM, IEMME, JKAP, SOGEM, SPROUT(UMT), MATADOR(UMT),MABRIK,BUEHLER, PALADIN, PTN, PROMILL,YEMMAK etc.

Custom dimensions and drawings of ring die are welcome. We can produce dies with hole patterns to customer specification or manufacture dies to our own hole pattern designs based on our professional experience.