Wear Resistant Spare Parts Ring Dies for Pellet Making Machine

Wear Resistant Spare Parts Ring Dies for Pellet Making Machine
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Introduction & Application of Ring die
Ring die is very important part of ring die pellet machine in the whole manufacturing process. The quality of ring die not only directly relates with the quality and output of pellets, but also the running state of equipment and maintenance cost.
Applicable for animal feed pellet machine: 

Poultry feed pellet machine, livestock feed pellet machine, aqua feed pellet machine etc. 
Biomass pellet machine: wood pellet mill, sawdust pellet mill, grass pellet mill, straw pellet mill, crop stalk pellet machine, alfalfa pellet mill etc.
Fertilizer pellet machine etc.
Specification customized: 
We can supply ring die for all the main brands of pellet machine such as ANDRITZ, CPM, IEMME, JKAP, SOGEM, SPROUT(UMT), MATADOR(UMT), MABRIK,BUEHLER, PALADIN, PTN, PROMILL,YEMMAK etc.
Custom dimensions and drawings of ring die are welcome. 

Advantages of FDSP ring dies:
20 years of experience in ring die production
High chromium high carbon content steels
Extremely precise manufacture
Advanced imported equipment 
High hardness after vacuum heat treatment
Rapid delivery times
Test and control before shipment 
Long service time
Main Manufacturing Process of Ring die 

1.Forging and Lathing:
Extremely precise forging and lathing assure high dimensional accuracy, bright and clean surface.
2.Die Hole processing
Advanced Germany gun drill equipment, tools and drilling hole software are used in die hole processing:  
3.Vacuum heat treatment
Ring die surface: no oxidation reaction;
Die hole inner surface: original smoothness; 
High stability, High hardness; High tenacity
Compression Ratio of Ring Die
Generally speaking, the higher the compression ratio, the denser the finished pellets. But it does not mean that the higher the compression ratio, the better the pellet quality.
Compression ratio should be calculated based on raw material for making pellets and type of feed.
With many years pellet die manufacturing and research experience of FDSP GROUP, we provide some general data of ring die's compression ratio for your reference:
Buyers can customize dies with different hole diameter and compression ratio, according to different situation and requirement.

Hole Diameter(mm)Compression Ratio
Ring die for animal feed pellet machine

Poultry&livestock feed2.5 - 4 1:4-1:11
Fish feed2.0 - 2.51:12-1:14
Shrimp feed0.4 - 1.81:18-1:25
Ring die for biomass pellet machine

6.0 - 8.01:5-1:8

The most common structure of die hole are straight hole; release stepped hole; external conical hole and internal conical hole, etc. Different die holes structure are suitable for different raw material and feed formula for making pellets.

How to maintain and inspect the ring die:
1.   The rollers should be correctly adjusted, make sure the hole inlets are not damaged by contact with the rollers or as a result of tramp metal.
2.   Material should be evenly distributed across the whole working area
3.   Make sure that all holes work uniformly, opening the clogged holes if necessary.
4.   When changing dies, carefully inspect the condition of the die seating surfaces and fixing systems including collar, clamp or wear ring.

About us 
FDSP is specialized in the production of ring die and rollers for all the main brands of pellet mills, with more than 20 year of manufacturing experience and professional advanced technical team, we insist on providing high quality and strong durable products to our customers.