FDSP Pellet Mill Roller Shell

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Product Introduction

Roller shell, commonly known as roller, is one of the main parts of pellet mill. It can be used to process various biofuel pellets, animal feed and other pellets.Material: Alloy steel, spring steel and bearing steel.Special thermal treatment ensures better wear resisting, and pelletizing performance.

Now we have the roller shells of different shapes, such as:

closed-end grooved roller shell, honeycombed roller shell, drum-hole groove roller, open-end grooved roller shell, deflective-grooved roller shell etc.

Grooved roller shell

Grooved roller shell: good material intake performance, and is widely applied by feed plants.

Includes thin corrugated and strong corrugated

Normally, for small hole ring die, thin corrugated roller shell shall be applied, while strong corrugated roller shell is applied to large hole ring die. 

Grooved roller shell can be divided into open-end and closed-end, closed-end roller shell is good for material discharge from side holes, and increase extrusion force on both sides.

Honeycombed roller shell 

Honeycombed roller shell is mainly applied to pelletize poultry feeds. The advantage is that it is uniform wearing,but has bad material intake performance. Large frictional force makes easy polishing.

FDSP can manufacture roller shells of different size and appearance according to your requirements or drawings or samples.

   Open-end grooved type    Closed-end grooved type  Herringbone-grooved type
    Deflective grooved type     Drum-hole groove type

     Honeycomb type

  Open-end grooved drum roller      Arc alveolar type

Honeycomb alveolar compound type

Why Need & Why Choose Us? 

Maintenance is necessary for every machine after working a period of time. Pellet mill roller shell is one of the primary working components for pellet mill, used to process different kinds of biomass pellet fuel, feed pellet, wood pellet and so on. We are a professional manufacturer specialized in roller shells and other pellet mill spare parts like ring die ,bearings, shafts and so on with about 20 years experiences. 

Our roller shells enjoy high abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, which make sure roller shells get long service life. Our roll shells and other pellet machine spare parts can be used either in feed pelleting industry to produce animal feeds or fuel pelleting industry to produce wood pellets. We use good quality bearing steel, alloy steel or carbon steel to make roller shell. The roller shell working areas ranges from 60mm to 300mm, the diameter of the pellet roll/shell ranges from 110mm to 450mm, the hardness reaches at HRC58-62.

FDSP ring dies and roller shells are well sold all over the world, We can also make all kinds of pellet mill roller shells as per customers' drawing. We have every part you need to keep your equipment running smoothly.