Roller Shell Shaft

Roller Shell Shaft
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Product Details

Working principle:

Roller shell shaft, made of alloy steel of high quality is a spare part for roller shell to fix on through two bearings. Oil adding holes are on both ends of roller shell shaft, so that oil can be added through the other hole, when a hole is blocked. Roller shell shaft is fixed with main shaft by lining, while the outer end is fixed with pressing plate. The roller shell shaft is eccentric. The interval between rollers can be changed by turning the roller shell shaft. Turing adjustable gat wheel will change the interval.

Product characteristics:

Applicable scope:

1.SZLH25/SZLH30/SZLH32/SZLH35/SZLH400/SZLH420/SZLH508/SZLH678/SZLH768 series pellet mill.

2.Various sizes of roller shell shafts can be manufactured according to customers’ drawings.

3.Materials can be chosen by customers.