Roller/steel Rollers For Pellet Mill

Roller/steel Rollers For Pellet Mill
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Product Details

FDSP is a professional manufacturer specialized in roller shells and other pellet mill spare parts like ring die and so on for many years. Our roll shells and other pellet machine spare parts can be used either in feed pelleting industry to produce animal feeds or fuel pelleting industry to produce wood pellets.

Materials of FDSP rolelr shell

Alloy steel, spring steel and bearing steel.

Different Patterns Of Roller Shell

Roller shell is the surface of roller assembly where raw materials are pressed against the die. It can be used on feed pellet machine to make various kinds of feed pellets, fuel pellets or other kinds of pellets.

There are many types of roller shell, such as Open Ends Corrugated, Closed Ends Corrugated, Dimpled and oblique shaped roller shell, honeycomb shaped,scallop shaped,fluted shaped etc. Corrugated roller shell and dimpled roller shell are the mostly used types in the livestock and poultry feed pelleting and biomass pelleting industry.

Why We Need Spare Parts And Why Choose Us ?

Maintenance is necessary for every machine after working a period of time. Pellet mill roller shell is one of the primary working components for pellet mill, used to process different kinds of biomass pellet fuel, feed pellet, wood pellet and so on.