Screw Type Turner

Screw Type Turner
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Screw type turner is the mainstream equipment used in the production of organic fertilizers and bio-feed fermentation which is applicable to the fermentation of all organic materials. 

It uses ground trough fermentation structure that can be designed in the form of multi-slot with one machine, which greatly reduces the equipment investment. Turning part can be divided into screw stirring and roller type with features of big piled height, small floor area, low unit fermentation cost, no dead corner, sufficient fermentation, etc. 

FDSP screw turner is suitable for the enterprises with an annual output of 0.1-40 ten thousand tons of fermentation. At the same time of turning machine moving forward or backward, spirochetes rotates accordingly, which make the organic material lift up from the bottom, back flip and reach the effect of full exchange of oxygen, cooling, and losing moisture.