Sea Port Cement Silo With Bulk Sucking System

Sea Port Cement Silo With Bulk Sucking System
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About FDSP

FDSP is China Leading turn-key solution provider for bulk material storage silo system, and the important participants of 'The Belt and Road' national strategic. Our solid silos are widely to storage of bulk cement, fly ash, coal ash, mineral powder material, lime, clinker etc.

We have passed ISO SGS CE certification and establish successful silo system in more than 20 countries and have sales agency/service center in 9 countries. Starts from initial project feasibility study, project plan, financial activity and construction, our engineers and people will be around you to provide the most professional and practical suggestions/help.


FDSP Is Expertise On Whole Silo System Technology

FDSP own a very strong powerful engineering team; most of our engineers have rich experience working in cement plant design institute, power station design institute, 

FDSP pay attention to the international technical communication. Every year, we will send engineer to Germany, Italy,and other countries for technical communication, learning and absorbing international new storage technology.

FDSP engineers shall design whole silo system which is composed by feeding system, silo structure, silo homogenization system, silo discharging system, bulk truck loader system, dust collector system, roots blower system, air compressor system, bag packing plant and control system. (300ton cement silo for sale)

Safe Silo Structure Design

SILO system is high load pressure safety structure. FDSP silos are designed with thorough consideration of silo fixed load and live load of material load,and silo top equipment pressure , silo vertical pressure, horizontal tension and wearing down and the extreme condition load pressure from seismic, heavy snow disaster, wind pressure ect. , to ensure the silo has more than 25 years and no falling and damage to human being.

According to the material condition and the real data of seismic grade, wind speed ect at customer local, FDSP engineer will design the most scientific silo structure and silo configuration of plate thickness, stiffener,ect.

High Quality Silo Anxiliary System

FDSP engineers ensure the well matching and best performance of the whole system. The selection of famous brand equipment type and configurations is uniquely to meet your unique project needs. The whole silo system includes following aspects.

Our 3D Drawing of one silo project



Details of FDSP steel silo

We believe that:" Details is the key to success", so every details being taken seriously during our production processes, providing high quality products to our customers is our principle all the time.

Helix steel silo:

bolted steel silo:



Sketch map of crimping and seaming


Process flow diagram of steel silo