Self-propelled Turner

Self-propelled Turner
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Why we need compost turner?

Traditional fermentation method is to make manure naturally stacked and ret, which has some disadvantages of environmental pollution, long time consumed and more contaminating microorganism, however, the scientific method is that we make full use of the compost turner the key equipment of producing organic fertilizer)to add microbial stains to animal manure, or other organic solid wastes, then via the machine it can timely lower the temperature of the compost and fill up with oxygen. In this way, original pollutants are turned into green organic fertilizer which soil can easily absorb. It contains various beneficial bacteria spores, which significantly improve the condition of organic 



Introduction for LYFP series compost turner

Turning machine is the mechanical equipment based on dynamic compost production. Self-propelled turner is specially designed for piled aerobic fermentation process, and can greatly shorten the fermentation period.

This equipment is full plate structured with strong power, stable structure, unique fully sealed double-drive feeding system to make sure the fermentation material get fully supply, crushing and aeration. Self propelled turner is applied in the fermentation of livestock and poultry manure, crop straw, sludge, such as pig manure, cow manure, chicken manure and sheep dung slag, edible fungi residue, rosacea, food scraps, kitchen waste, tobacco stems, garbage and so on.

LYFP Series self-propelled turner is widely used in farm, grazing land, fertilizer factory etc, mainly in harmless and resourceful treatment of livestock manure, agricultural waste, sludge and industrial organic waste. It's a key and indispensable equipment for large scale production of organic fertilizer.


Features of Self-propelled Compost Turner

1.Advanced drum design ensures variable drum speed and maximum aeration, CO2 release.
2.Reasonable knife structure makes average blending,crushing effect and is simple to maintain.
3.Professional manufacturing craftsmanship,standard spare parts-convenient to fix or change.
4.Adjustable turning capacity 400-1000m³/h.
5.Small space occupation, flexible button to raise or lower down turner drums.

Self-propelled Compost Turner Structure and Working Principle

Compost turner LYFP series are four-wheel tractor walking style. It can move forward, backward and turn freely and all these moves are manipulated by one person. The bio-organic materials should be piled first on the ground or in workshops in a strip shape.Compost turner works by bestriding above the strip compost piled in advance; rotating knives installed on a strong rotary drum under the tractor rack are the exact tools to blend,loosen or move piled compost. After turning, a new strip compost pile is formed and wait to continue fermentation. There is compost thermometer to measure compost temperature so as to a second time turning.



 Working width(m)

Working width(m)