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Customer Satisfaction Is A Priority For FDSP

Our commitment to you

As a FDSP customer, you can expect the following standards from us:

● You will receive friendly, prompt service and you will not be taken for granted.

● You will be offered a competitive rate and guaranteed workmanship.

● You will always have direct access to the person managing your project.

● We pride ourselves on our ability to be flexible to our customer's requirements.

● We will return your telephone calls or reply your emails as soon as possible, but always within twenty-four working hours.

● We will deliver at an agreed time every time.

● Where required, we will always do a site measure before fabrication.

● We will investigate any concerns you may have and rectify any problems that have occurred with our work, that are attributable to us, within 5 working days (or we will let you know in advance of our inability to do so due to reasons entirely outside of our control.)

● We understand that you are the sole judge of our performance. For that and other reasons your feedback is critical to our continuing relationship with you. We look forward to receiving your ideas, comments and suggestions.

How You Can Help Us

● Let us know immediately of any concerns you may have.

● Supply all relevant details and specifications to enable us to prepare a quotation or fabricate your job.

● Pay our account promptly in accordance with the terms agreed with you and stated on the invoice.

● Advise at the earliest possible convenience if your job is ahead of or behind schedule.

● Consider referring us to at least one other business that you believe would benefit from an association with our company.

Service network

After-sales service 

Before and during the sale, we respect and listen to our customers' needs, making our solution as satisfying as possible. After the sale, our service team respond you quickly upon receipt of your service request.

Technical support

FDSP offers a wide range of machinery and engineering service in animal feeding, bio-mass energy, silo storage and fertilizer. For each of our business, we consider customer support, satisfaction and feedback an essential element of our overall marketing effort. Please follow the appropriate links below to obtain support, contact information, downloads and other information you may need.

Feed Machinery

Bio-mass Machinery

Silo Storage Equipment

Fertilizer Machinery