SFSP Series Poultry/Chicken Feed Hammer Mill

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SFSP568 Series Hammer Mill

Features of SFSP series poultry/chicken feed hammer mill 

  1. Application: used for grinding of poultry and livestock and aqua feed.

  2. Feeder : has frequency control of motor speed and electromagnetic coupling for choice, that the speed of feed could be adjusted.

  3. Structure: “U” shaped double grinding structure, increase the beating frequency of product , guarantee the more uniform particle size, also increase the output.

  4. Advantage:equipped with safety control system ,high capacity,smooth running,long service life.

  5. The following form is under the condition:raw material is corn,water content ≤14 % , the diameter of sieve hole is 1.0-2.0mm.

Hammer mill crusher working principle

Raw materials are feed from the impeller feeder, running through feeding plates on both sides to the grinding room. Under the force of adjustable rotating hammers and friction between screen plates, raw materials are grinded. Then the materials are discharged from the outlet by the push forced by air circulation.


More details of SFSP series poultry/chicken feed hammer mill :

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