Shende Ring Die Fixed By Collar

Shende Ring Die Fixed By Collar
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customized pellet machine ring die 

We can customized design for various brand of pellet mill, such as: Taichang,CPM, Matador ,Muyang, Paladin, Promill, Buhler, Zhengchang, Mabrik, Matador, Sogem, Andritz Sprout, Yemmak, etc. We can also make as per customers' drawing.Our molds are all suitable for flat die pellet mill,horizontal ring die pellet machine and vertical ring die pellet mill.It is good for 120,150,200,250,280,300,350,450,470,550,560,650,850,960, 1050 and other modle pellet mill.

Ring Die Materials 

  1. Alloy dies This is the choice for many feed processors because of their good abrasion and breakage resistance. 

  2. Carbon steel die They have superior corrosion resistance, making them the choice for processing operations involving corrosive chemicals.

  3. Stainless steel dies They have the best abrasion and breakage resistance as well as good corrosion resistance.

Ring Die for Pellet Mill/Machine

Feature of our ring die 

  1. Made of imported high-carbon high-chromium stainless billet steel,optimization carbon, thus enhancing wearing and corrosion resistance and hardness. 

  2. It can deal with all kinds of die hole over &1.2mm (&1.2mm included) and compression ratio.

  3. Ring die can be produced up to 300mm-1500mm in diameter and 500mm in height.

  4. In ring die processing, full automatic control, one-time molding for die hole, high smoothness.