SHSJ Series Double Shaft Animal Feed Mixer

Feed paddle mixer /Double Shaft Animal Feed Mixer is a horizontal mixing device widely used for mixing grain powder in feed pellets production line .

Product Details

Double Paddle Feed Mixer/ Double Shaft Animal Feed Mixer Introduction:

Feed paddle mixer /Double Shaft Animal Feed Mixer is a horizontal mixing device widely used for mixing grain powder in feed pellets production line .Its design is based on a U - type tank with dual shafts and paddles extending the length of the tank. The action of the pitched paddles moves material from the bottom and forces the material back down between the shafts, which will give a complete and homogeneous mixture of materials. Ideal mixing machine for homogeneous mixing of different ingredients in a shortest time (CV< 5%) irrespective of density, shape and size . Mixing time is 30-120s.

Double Paddle Feed Blender/Double Shaft Animal Feed Mixer Features:
1. Wide applied to feedstuff, food, chemical and fertilizer industry.
2. Short mixing period, 30-120s is enough for every batch of material.
3. High homogeneous degree, CV ≤5%, no material segregation.
4. Full-bottom type of material discharging, quick and less material residue.
5. Equipped with air return duct which ensure no powder leakage and protect working environment.
6. Atomizing nozzle can be customized if there is need to add molasses, oils & fats and other liquids.
7. Low energy consumption. 3/5 energy saving compared with other feed mixer.
8. Three materials discharging ways: manual operation, motor-drive and pneumatic discharging methods.

Feed Double Paddle Blender/Double Shaft Animal Feed Mixer Application:
1. Double feed blender achieves unmatchable effects for feed material mixing, addictive adding, powder material mixing, etc. It plays an irreplaceable role in the complete feed pellets production process.
2. Qiaoxing double paddle blender also has wide application in other industries such as chemical industry, mining industry, construction industry, seasonings industry, etc.

Unique Design Of Double Paddle Feed Mixer For Feed Pelletizing Industry:

As for the outstanding advantages of Astar double paddle mixer for feed material mixing, the most important reason is the advanced structure design. The paddler mixer is of U type with two mixing shafts with evenly paddles. The paddles rotating in high speed makes the feed powder move in three directions: radial direction, circle direction and axial direction. With the all-pervasive mixing method, the feed powder can be in a homogeneous mixture in a very short time. If you want to add liquids to the powder, we can equip atomizing nozzle for you. High efficiency, homogeneous mixing and liquid adding make the double paddle mixer perfect choice for feed pellets powder mixing.
Feed Double Paddle Blender /Double Shaft Animal Feed Mixer Technical Data:

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