CE Certificated SHSJz Series Double Shaft High Efficiency Mixer

Widely used in feed, grain, food, chemical industry, medicine, pesticide and other industries in powder, particle, flake, block, miscellaneous and viscous materials mixing.

Product Details

Description features:

■ The machine body is a W type horizontal shell-shaped mixing chamber, with a double-shaft multi-rotor, and a spray system (pipe and nozzle) at the top. Various liquids can be added appropriately, which can adapt to the mixing of various light and heavy materials to effectively improve the atomization effect of liquid and prevent the agglomeration.

■ can be equipped with compressed air cleaning system to reduce residual to the lowest level.

■ full-length door opening and discharging mechanism specially designed, with large opening Angle, rapid discharging and less residue.Good sealing, ensure no leakage, large range of loading capacity.(national patent)

■ Fast mixing speed, high uniformity, no dead Angle, short mixing cycle, each batch of materials can be mixed evenly within 30 ~ 120 seconds, so that the material in the state of weightlessness and homogeneity is not affected by the purity, density and filling coefficient.

■ The unique design of the air return system ensures smooth air flow in the full range of feeding process.

■ This machine is compact in structure, beautiful in shape and occupies less space than other mixing equipment;Fast mixing, flexible, stable performance, low noise, no dust, no environmental pollution and other characteristics.

■ Double shaft gear reducer drive, high transmission efficiency, can realize load start.

■ Access door with safety lock for easy cleaning and maintenance.

CE Certificated SHSJz Series Double Shaft High Efficiency Mixer

CE Certificated SHSJz Series Double Shaft High Efficiency Mixer

Model Parameter:

ItemEffective volumeMixing volume per batchMixing time per batchMixing UniformityPower

Material Thickness(mm):

Item NamePaddleArch plate of machine shellWallboard of machine shell