Silo With Ship Loader For Sea Port Project

Silo With Ship Loader For Sea Port Project
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Product Details

Product description:
ash powder silo is built directly on spot by using special machineries which we called SM 30 & SM40 equipment, thanks to their advanced technology, enable us to build cylinders from 2,70 meters to 25,00 meters diameter and height up to 35,00 meters.
2.The silo has an inside flat smooth wall, to avoid storage material hung on the wall.
3.The silo can be built with an absolute air- watertight system: this advantage allows to storage powder material also liquid products as well as being extremely useful for the storing of cereal products themselves.
4.The silo is different from corrugated one is suitable to any kind of bulk material storage; it means: aggregates (like cements, coal, gypsum, carbonates, etc), sludge, biomasses, chemical, plastic products and liquids.

Product feature: 

We use the standard export package. In noramal use steel frame to pack the goods.When shipping the goods,we'll ask our ship agent to arrange container for us.
1.Low cost for installation, short install period.
2.Standardization component, easy maintanence.
3.Integrated control by computer, can gather data through the remote device.
4.Easy to maintain. for single componet, it is easy to remove, repair and change.

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Steel silo manufacture machine:


Advantages of FDSP feed silo 

  1. We have an excellent team with more than 20 years’ experience in silo construction.

  2. As one of the largest silo manufacturing company, we have introduced over 20 sets of processing units, and production capacity reaches 1 million tons per year.

  3. FDSP provides a turn-key project from consultation, design, civil work, production, sales to service.

  4. Hot galvanized steel plates are used for silo body, and galvanized steel is also used for silo roof batten, hood, handrail, hole for temperature-measurement, manhole and ladder to ensure long service life. 

Materials for FDSP Steel storage silos 

Materials: SBM, Olive, Wheat, Maize, Paddy, Soya bean, Limestone, Aluminum Oxide, Carbon, Plastic Granule, Sulfur, Fly Ash, Cement, Stone, Saw Dust etc.


Products widely used in food, feed, flour, oil, brewing, chemical, building materials, port, environmental protection and other industrial fields.


Our 3D Drawing of one silo project




Details of FDSP steel silo

We believe that:" Details is the key to success", so every details being taken seriously during our production processes, providing high quality products to our customers is our principle all the time.

Helix steel silo:

bolted steel silo: