Single Screw For Discharging

Single Screw For Discharging
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Single-screw extruders used as melt-fed discharge extruders solve numerous tasks involved with incorporating basic additives for LDPE and copolymers with downstream pelletizing. They are used particularly frequently as pumps that build up the pressure required for pelletizing. Compared to other machines, here they offer a critical advantage and substantial competitive edge by means of high pump output at comparatively low power loss from the melting heat used.

FDSP discharge extruders are characterized by their

1.Simple and robust design

2.Low need for maintenance

3.Highest torque

4.Free structuring of the procedure part

5.Flight depth, ease of movement, and slope.

Additives for stabilization can be homogeneously incorporated using the discharge extruder and side-arm extruder. It is also possible to compensate for the undesired melt warming by using effective barrel cooling.