Single-Shaft Paddle Feed Mixer For Feed Production Line

Single-Shaft Paddle Feed Mixer For Feed Production Line
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Description of Animal Feed Mixing Machine/Mixer: 
Animal Feed Mixing Machine/Mixer is widely used in mixing the powder raw material in many 
industries,such as feed factory, breed aquatics factory, chemical factory, food factory and flour mill and so on. It can make the materials mix evenly and ensure the quality of the fodder.


Features of Animal Feed Mixing Machine/Mixer:

1). Mixed in gravity-free state, no segregation. Conveyed by three chains, run in low speed, 
stable operation movement.
2). Short mixing time(40-120 sec/batch), high evenness degree(CVS≤5%).
3).Advanced adding and spraying system can be added many kinds of liquid and solid at the 
same time.
4).There is no dead angle and no block inside, quick discharging and less residue.

As the mixer manufacturer,FDSP Promise all clients that:
1) Each order machine,we provide operation manual.
2) Offer 2years warranty.
3) Respons within 24working hrs if client has question.
4) If need our technician to help install oversea,we act within 48working hrs.
5) Mixer leadtime is 7working days in standard specification,15~20working days if customized.

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When the thickness of the raw material is >5 mm, the raw materials must first be used for size reduction before the feedstock is sent to the hammer mill (crusher) to reach a diameter of less than 3 mm.