Skln Series Feed Counter-Flow Cooler With CE/ISO/SGS Certificate

Skln Series Feed Counter-Flow Cooler With CE/ISO/SGS Certificate
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Tips for operating pellet cooler machine: 

  1. Start the air-lock device and draught fan before the cooler starting to work.

  2. Adjust the level indicator position according to the yield requirement. When the yield is high, install the level indicator at top position; on the contrary, install it below.

  3. When the cooler stops working, expel the material in the cooler through operating the hand switch.

  4. Don't open the observation door when the cooler runs.

1. The counter flow cooling principle is adopted to cool the pellets with high temperature and moisture. Hot air touches hot pellets and cool air touches cool pellets so as to avoid the pellet surface crack caused by sudden cooling produced by direct touching between cool air and hot pellets. At the same time, the airlock is used for feeding and space of air inlet bigger, therefore it can get better cooling effects;
2. Slide reciprocating discharger has smooth and reliable discharging, low residue;
3. Low power consumption, easily operation;
4. Pellet temperature after cooling is less than +3~5 ambient temperature;
5. It is suitable for pellet cooling.

Cooling time(min)Less than 10-15Mins
Temperature after Cooling(°C)Not higher than ambient temperature +3~5ºC
Power of Airlock (kw)0.550.751.11.51.5

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All our exported equipments are all firstly wrapped by the stretch film in case of scraping and then fixed in the iron pallet in case of shaking heavily in the container.
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