Small Wood Straw Pellet Mill For Sales

Small Wood Straw Pellet Mill For Sales
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What is biomass pellet ?
Biomass pellet machine can make the waste such as sawdust, straw, rice husk and wood barks into a kind of high density pellet fuel by several steps of pre-processing. It is an ideal fuel to replace coal, save energy and reduce emission, and is also of excellent economic and social benefit. It is ranked to be a high efficient and clean renewable energy. 

Application of biomass pellet  
Biomass pellets are widely applied in industries like industrial boilers, home fireplace and biomass power generation and so on. Biomass pellet has gradually replaced industrial fuels like electricity, oil, gas and coal, and so on.

Biomass energy profile
grain pellet machine  grain pellet machine  grain pellet machine  grain pellet machine Biomass energy is a renewable clean new energy has enormous economic benefit. Can make full use of it would produce the material energy, energy saving environmental protection at the same time also can bring a considerable economic income,grain pellet machine grain pellet machine    grain pellet machine Is the new industrial chain.

Basic features:

1.Unique Design

2.Over 15 years experience and more than 300 turn key pellet lines
3.Suitable for large scope of raw material, such as sawdust, rice husk, straw, grass, EFB, etc. 
4.High capacity and low energy consumption 
5.Siemens motor and imported bearing

6. Wide applicable scope:It can process different materials such as biomass materials like wood, sawdust, sugar cane, bamboo, rice husk, grass, straw,etc, and some special raw materials like rubber, clay and plastic as well. 

7. Adjustable capacity: We can customize the different capacities from 0.3 ton per hour to 30 ton per hour or even more.

8. After-sale guarantee:One year warranty and all round after sale service

9. Unique after-sale service:Agencies for installation and maintenance for YONGLI are gradually established in South America to make our customers convenient and reduce the troubles about the after sale maintainance.

Attractive advantages:

1. Advanced technology and stable opertation

2. Non-dust workshop

3. Siemens motor, Imported SKF/NSK bearing

4. Equiped with auto cooling and oil adding system

5. National patent

6. Reasonable price