Special Design Corn Hammer Mill For Feed Pellet Plant

Special Design Corn Hammer Mill For Feed Pellet Plant
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Main Features For Special Design Corn Hammer Mill for Feed Pellet Plant
Corn Hammer Mill can grind all kinds of course grinding raw materials,it is one of indispensable equipment of feed factory granulating process. 

1.Hammer mill adopt the steel plate welding structure, the motor and crusher rotor is installed on the same base, Straight league transmission through pin coupling,

2.The rotor dynamic balance test, Reversible rotor, bidirectional rotary feed.

3.Operation door have a safety interlock device to ensure the operation of rotor rotating door cannot be opened.

4.Inlet on the top of the mill, which can match various feeder structure, the hammer is lined symmetrically.

5.Corn Hammer Mill has simple structure, strong and durable, safe and reliable, easy to install, easy to operation and maintenance, small vibration, high productivity.

6.It can be equipped with self-cleaning impeller feeding, belt magnetic feeding and other feeding modes. 
7.Built-in grinding rotors are equipped to improve the efficiency by more than 25%. 
8.Flexible screen press unit is used to avoid flee of ground material. 
9.It can be equipped with air discharge base and be installed easily. 
10.Corn Hammer Mill is widely used for grinding of corn, sorghumwheat and bean. 

Technical parameters of feed grinding mill:

  Model Parameters   999-I999-III999-IV
Dia. Of Rotor138013801380
Width Of Grinding Chamber (mm)400600800
Speed Of Rotor(rpm)148014801480

Re: The above indices are those when meeting the following conditions: raw material: corn, moisture content not higher than 14%, density not lower than 0.72t/m3, screen: hole diameter3mm, hole-opening rate not less than 33%.

999 hammer mill