High Quality Square Plansifter Supplier - FDSP

High Quality Square Plansifter Supplier - FDSP
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Square Plansifter 

The square plansifter performs its tasks in highly efficient fashion: the sifting and grading of coarsely ground, semolina-like and floury materials as well as the grading of granular products or free-flowing granulates. Its field of application ranges from hard and common wheat mills to durum wheat, rye, corn (maize), oat and buckwheat mills or even barley and soy mills.


Intelligent design delivers excellent sanitation and product safety.

● The square plansifter ensures product safety: A patented, automatic reclamping system applies constant force to the sieve stack, thereby preventing product cross-contamination.

● All interior walls and doors feature high-grade insulation; this leads to a massive reduction in condensation.

● All parts that come in contact with the product are made of stainless steel or high-quality polyurethane (PUR) – absolute sanitation is guaranteed.

● The polyurethane Novapur sieve frames with stainless steel sieve frame inserts also offer superior sanitation: Wood, screw nuts and clamps are thus a thing of the past. Smooth profiles minimize the areas where product can accumulate.

High sifting capacity with the NOVA sieve generation.

● The NOVA generation of sieves is distinguished by a greater sifting area and optimal utilization of space. That makes the square plansifter capable of handling the highest throughputs in a minimum of space.

● High dynamic acceleration increases the intensity of the sieve motion, consequently improving the sifting effect.

Maximum flexibility thanks to a modular concept.

● Need determines size: Thanks to its modular concept, the square plansifter can be employed as a two-, four-, six-, eight- or ten-compartment sifter. Thus it is ideally equipped for adaptation to a given situation.

● The flexibility resulting from the unit's modular concept enables available space to be used optimally.