Stainless Airlock

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Product Details

Products introduction:

Our company’s airlock has 10 items, namely, bridging–proof, stick-proof, pressure–resistant, temperature-resistant, dosage, vacuum, washing, and the sub-items can be hundreds, with various options for material such as casting steel, carbon steel, and stainless steel. We can professionally tailor-made design and precise manufacture all kinds of non-standard specification with detailed technical requirements of products with various steel materials according to different industry, raw material, and working condition, and process. 

Products application:

Mainly used for feeding and discharging of solid pellet, powder, ultra pulverized powder via air flow transmission, dedusting system and other process required, meanwhile, it can realize wind locked, air locked function to ensure stable condition of positive and negative pressure in airpiping, It is widely used in Petrochemical, cereals and oil, food, feed, power, metallurgy, mining, pharmacy, building material, tobacco, timber, foundry Industry, textile, drying and dedusting industries. 

Normal type: 

It works for raw material with normal temperature and below 80degrees centigrade, and can continuously feed raw material into conveying pipe evenly, while it can be also used as discharger.

Bridging-proof type: 

Inlet adopted bridging- proof design, loading can be started safely. If necessary, offset type body can be adopted so that it can reinforce the bridging- proof function in more reliable way.  V paddle and its characteristic rotor can satisfy varied raw material, Moreover, the multiple bridging-proof design can be adopted to ensure the stable operation. 

Pressure–resistant type: 

It adopts insulated empiecement type rotor, and can be widely used for air flow transmission system under positive and negative pressure air condition, it can ensure air pressure remained in conveying pipe so that it transmit and collect raw material safely, it is not only pressure-resistant but also integrate function of normal type airlock. 

Outdoors installed temperature-resistant type: 

The temperature of material and temperature raise up during transmission has expansion effect on machine, as well as damage to bearing and oil seal system,  In this case, our company design outdoors purpose temperature –resistant airlock, it can transmit material with temperature below 300 degrees centigrade. It separate the parts between driving and chamber where touch material, so that bearing and oil seal system have nothing to do with high temperature. This product is not only high temperature resistant, but also has other advantage, owing to separation of bearing & oil seal with material, it can efficiently avoid hygroscopicity and metallic powder penetrates into oil seal device to further damage machine. 

Hygiene washing type:  

Quick washing type airlock can be open its end cover, pull out paddle, flexible disassembly, easy for cleaning, mainly used for chemical, pharmacy, food etc., industries which require high hygiene standard for feeding and discharging material, as well as circumstance of material changed in frequent ways. 

Dosage type: 

It realizes the motor stepless or frequency speed control via adjustment of airlock volume to reach expected dosage flow.