Stainless Steel Mixer Machine For Animal Feed

Stainless Steel Mixer Machine For Animal Feed
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Advantages of mixer machine for animal feed :

-Be widely used in mixing powdery pellet schistose and taxitic material in the industry of feeding food chemical medicine, pesticide etc.

-The speed of mixing is high, the period of it is short, 30-90 seconds/batch

-The uniformity of mixing is high, CV<5%, no segregation 

-Original "closed trough 90 double door" is our patent, it's fast to output, the vestigital of it is less, with good tightness, Patent No.:201020511357.3

-Original "rotation axiz tightness structure" s our patent, the tightness is better, it's working life is longer, Patent No.:201220476190.0

-Specail design of the return air system, insure the air stable

-The air cleaning system to reduce the residual quantity

-We can also make atomized spray system and add grease, molasses, oil etc to make it more uniform

-The machine external material has stainless steel, carbon steel and composite to choose.

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Stainless Steel mixer machine