Steel Silo For Grain Storage

Steel Silo For Grain Storage
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Product Details

Main features of silo for grain storage 

  1. Good sealing performance, wide usage.

  2. With spiral seal structure, the seam are very tight, and the silo is of good sealing performance. Short construction period. Steel silo is constructed on site. Silo roof is installed on the ground. The speed of meander-line can be 5m/mins and it does’t need scaffold.

  3. Small area occupancy, height and diameter ate optional in a wide range. The distance between two silos can be minimized to 500mm to take the most of available space and reduce area occupancy.

Applications of silo for grain storage 

  1. Steel Silo for grain project storage and turnover (feedstuff,Oil,alcohol, starch,Rice etc.)

  2. Steel Silo for part of Chemical and ferment material storage and turnover.

  3. Steel Silo for large grain depot storage. It can keep warm,VEN Ventilated and suffocating.

  4. Steel Silo for port logistics storage and turnover.

Ancillary Equipment

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Grain conveying equipment

Bucket Elevator

The bucket elevator has small dimension, nice outlook, big conveying capacity, good tightness, and stable working ability. It is suitable to continuously convey grain, maize, beans and other grainy stuff which is non-corrosiveness and below 60℃. The conveying system has reasonable and reliable structure. The bucket wheels adopt encapsulation technology, have big friction coefficient. The buckets adopt high-strength plastics; have long working life and full-loading coefficient. The bucket belts adopt high-strength polyester belts; have high tensile strength, low extensibility, long working life. The elevator installed anti-reverse-rotation device. When the elevator stopped suddenly, the stuff won’t revelry drop down to the elevator bottom. The belts will not overturn due to anti-reverse-roration function; it can ensure the security of maintainers.

Scraper conveyor

The TGSS series scraper conveyor is widely used in the conveying of grain and powdery stuff in cereal and oil, feedstuff, and chemistry and so on. They have such advantages as tight structure, big conveying capacity, strong loading ability, and good tightness, low energy consumption, easily maintained. The conveyors can convey horizontally or aslant below 15°. The conveyors can also realize loading and unloading stuff at different parts according to procedure distribution.