Straw Pellet Mill For Biomass Pellet

Straw Pellet Mill For Biomass Pellet
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Raw materials:

Straw pellet mill machine is a kind of machine which could process sawdust,straw dust,rice husk,peanut shell,tree branches etc biomass through pre-treatment and process.Those biomass material will be solidified into high-density pellet fuel.


Flat die biomass pellet making machine,ring die biomass pellet making machine and vertical ring die pellet making machine 

Advantages and application:  

  1. Biomass fuel is a kind of solid pellet fuel made up from corn straw,wheat straw,rice straw,peanut shell,rice husk,tree branches,leaves,sawdust,tree bark etc solid waste.These materials are processed with crushing,pressing and molding to small rod-like solid  granular fuel.The fuel is extruded by rollers and ring die under common temperature.The density of the fuel is about 0.9-1.6g/m³.

  2. The technological process:Materials collection-----Crushing-----Drying-----Molding----Packing

  3. The application of biomass fuel:A new kind of bio-energy,which could talk place of wood,coal,gas etc and widely used in heating,life stoves,industrial boilers,biomass power plant etc.


  1. Civilian heating:high use ratio and easily storaged

  2. Biomass industrial boiler:be used as the main fuel of the industrial boiler,solve the problem of environmental pollution Power generation:be as the fuel of thermal power generation

Finished products: