Feed Storage Bin Sweep Auger From FDSP

Feed Storage Bin Sweep Auger From FDSP
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Sweeping And Unloading Equipments

FDSP can provides a full set of sweeping and unloading solutions for various silo types with different storage materials. Sweeping equipments are available for free flow materials, such as soybean, corn, rapeseed, rice and so on. Unloading equipments are available for poor flow materials, such as rapeseed meal, soybean meal, cottonseed meal, DDGS, cassava, coal, fertilizer, and so on.

Sweep Augers

FDSP sweep augers are suitable for sweeping free flow materials with local hardening. They are safe and stable during the sweeping process with automatic unattended operation. They are suitable for materials ,such as maize,soybean,paddy,barley etc,the capacity range is 20-200t/h.

Sweep Auger