Ton-bag Packing Scale

Ton-bag Packing Scale
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Ton bag packing scale

Applicable to packing biomass pellet fuel and feed pellets etc.

Ton bag packing scale features

1.Imported intelligent control instrument, weighing sensor and pneumatic component are applied.

2.Gravity type charging framework can improve output greatly.

3.Automatic bag removing system is applied to reduce labor force.

4.Weighing and packing are separated to ensure stability and reliability of sensor, which improves packing speed.

5.Synchronized lifting system ensures safety and reliability of material receiving and packing, which improves working life of tray.

6.AC stable-voltage power is equipped to make stable and reliable packing.

7.Stainless steel is applied to components in contact with materials to make longer working life.

Advantages of FDSP ton bag packing scale
1.Intelligence, Accuracy;
2.Electric weighing, auto sack-releasing, and dust removal come into one;
3.Adopt sensor meter, high sensitivity ,high anti- interference;
4.With the technology of Auto-compensation,auto-zero,net weight measurement,high and accurate measurement ,stable and reliable performance, long service life,high performance-cost radio;

5.A combination of electric weighing,auto sack -releasing and dust removal.



Weighing range (kg)


Weighing speed (bag/h)


Accuracy class


Installation height (mm)



SDBLY-1000C Single scale