Top Manufacture Feed Cooler Fish Feed Pellet Cooling Machine

Top Manufacture Feed Cooler Fish Feed Pellet Cooling Machine
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Introduction FDSP feed cooler
1)This cooler machine functions both to curdle and cool the pellets.
2)This feed pellet cooler adopted counter flow cooling principle, so the pellet chilinged enough.
3)This pellet cooler machine adopted special system to control the layout. The special part works smoothly.
4)This feed pellet cooler machine uses split type air feeder, closed to prevent the pellet mill with high temperature and high wet steam into the cooler then affect the cooling effect, and prevent the wind into.
5)This pellet cooler machine uses adjustable ling conical dispersion device, the material can maximize evenly spread out in the bin.
6)This feed pellet cooler machine may apply unmanned, special designed to slide valve type discharge mechanism.
7)The counterflow cooler machine is greatly suitable for the producing of aquatic animal feed and poultry feed with high quality.

Main Technical Parameters feed cooler

Cooling time(min)Less than 10-15Mins
Temperature after Cooling(°C)Not higher than ambient temperature +3~5ºC
Power of Airlock (kw)0.550.751.11.51.5

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