Top Quality Gun-drilled Pellet Die

Top Quality Gun-drilled Pellet Die
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Product Details

We can produce pellet ring dies with hole patterns to customer specification or manufacture stainless steel pellet dies to our own hole pattern designs based on our professional experience. Custom dimensions and drawings of ring die are welcome.

Advantages of FDSP ring dies:

1.20 years of experience in ring die production

2.High chromium high carbon content steels

3.Extremely precise manufacture

4.Advanced imported equipment

5.High hardness after vacuum heat treatment

6.Rapid delivery times

7.Test and control before shipment

8.Long service time

Compression Ratio of Ring Die

Generally speaking, the higher the compression ratio, the denser the finished pellets. But it does not mean that the higher the compression ratio, the better the pellet quality. Compression ratio should be calculated based on raw material for making pellets and type of feed.

With many years pellet die manufacturing and research experience of FDSP GROUP, we provide some general data of ring die’s compression ratio for your reference:

Buyers can customize dies with different hole diameter and compression ratio, according to different situation and requirement.

The most common structure of die hole are straight hole; release stepped hole; external conical hole and internal conical hole, etc. Different die holes structure are suitable for different raw material and feed formula for making pellets.