Top Quality Pellet Press Fish Feed Animal Feed Pellet Mill

Top Quality Pellet Press Fish Feed Animal Feed Pellet Mill
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Top quality Pellet Press Fish Feed Animal Feed Pellet Mill
The machine is pellets bulkng equipment. It produces a variety of flower-shaped, and can be customized according to the requirements of the mold, the product at the discharge port with a peeling device of frequency control, the rotational speed of the blade can be adjusted to control the cutting speed and length. This product has a novel design, high output, stable operation, the main components of the heat-treated using special alloy materials refined, with a high degree of wear, long life and other characteristics.

The pellet mill uses corn, soybeans (soybean) animal waste as raw materials, machinery can be directly added to the expanded production of different particle shapes and unique taste, nutrient-rich, delicate tissue, suitable for dogs, cats, fish, birds, rabbits, shrimp, dogs, cats, mink, fox and other different flavors of pet feed. For professional farmers, small and medium sized feed mills and research institutions.

1, It is suitable for swell soybean,corn,poultryfeed,
2, Low power consumption, high output, simple operation.
3, Applies to professional farmers, small and medium-sized feed mills and research institutes.
4,The international advanced pelletizing structure, using soft knife bonded form, stepless, can any of the material cut to the desired length of the product, is not prone to glitches.
5, Design novel, unique, simple structure, easy to install and easy to dismantle and easy to unload, easy to operate.
6, alloy steel nut and screw made of special wear-resistant high-temperature, heat-treated molding, has the advantage of wear resistance and long life.
7, offers unique pressurization die device to ensure feed production and quality; and is equipped with electric heating device improve the feed expansion rate.
8, The main motor of high quality Y series three-phase motors, ensure strong power.
9, speed feeding device, more convenient operation, uniform feed to prevent hold machine.
10, Discharge Module replacement is simple, requires a different aperture feed template can simply replace the desired aperture.
11, The production of extruded floating pellet feed can float on the water for at least 12 hours will not soak scattered, fish and poultry eating digestible, artificial frog fish can easily observe the appetite, will not cause waste of feed, It will not pollute the water. Material high temperature and pressure effective in killing coli, salmonella and other harmful bacteria, ensuring feed hygiene, is conducive to absorption of protein denaturation and starch paste, easy to absorb fish and poultry. Commonly used in extruded, floating fish feed than powdered or granulated feed feed savings of 8% -15%.
12, produce sinking aquatic products, livestock feed particles, can eliminate most of the material containing toxins and anti-nutritional factors antitrypsin and urease, which is conducive to digestion and absorption of animals, improve digestion and utilization of nutrients.

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