Vibrating Fluid-bed Drier

Vibrating Fluid-bed Drier
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Brief introduction: 

Vibrating fluid-bed drier can dry, cool and moisture add powder and pellets for chemical engineering, light industry, medicine, food, plastic, grain oil, slag, salt manufacturing, and sugar industries etc.

Working Principles:

Exciting force from vibrating motor results in machine vibration. The piled materials jump forward in a certain direction by exciting force. At the same time, hot air from the bottom fluidizes materials. Full contact between material and hot air achieves ideal drying. Then dried materials and wet air go out separately while powder is recycled by cyclone.


1. Vibration motor ensures steady vibration source. It can be maintained easily with low noise, long working life.

2. High thermal efficiency: Compared with normal dryers,this vibrating fluid bed drier saves more energy by over 30%. Uniform temperature distribution on bed makes uniform fluidization without partical overheating or dead conner.

3. Adjustable performance and wide applicable scope: Material thickness, moving speed and whole vibration can be more stable and infinitely variable control can be realized.

4. Little damage to material surface and is suitable for drying fragile materials. Working efficiency won’t be affected by irregular pellets.

5. Complete enclosed construction makes clean working environment, which effectively avoids cross infection between materials and air. 

6. For mass production of wet materials, series-wound method can be applied to meet the requirements of customers. (Typical material like polyacrylamide etc.)