Wet Fish Feed Extruder For Floating Fish Feed

Wet Fish Feed Extruder For Floating Fish Feed
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Fish feed extruder machine Description:

Floating fish feed extruder machineis applied to produce the food with novel shape, particular taste and color, scientific nutrition combination catch up the trend of the market. In fish food processing line you will see the advanced technology of Sunpring machinery. With simple operation, accurate parameter control, the products can be finished in the stipulated temperature, pressure, humidity and time. Owing to the reasonable design, special materials, the stability, repairs can be guaranteed and ensured. The various shape and taste can meet the different requirements of the fish food.

a. Raw Materials: adopts corn flour, fish meal as raw materials

b. Products: different shapes are made by adjusting the dies from extruder

c. Capacity: 150kg/h, 240kg/h, 500kg/h, 1ton---3ton/h

d. Flow chart:

Mixing system---Extrusion system---Drying system---Flavoring system---Packing system

e. Voltage in China: Three phases: 380V/50Hz, Single phase: 220V/50Hz, we can make it according to customers’ Local voltage according to different countries

f. Machines Materials: All the machines are made by stainless steel, this line is with reasonable design and with high automation; the screws are made by alloy steel, with building block system structure and self-cleaning function

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Wet fish feed extruder features

*Brand-new design improves thrust and torque of main shaft.

*Steam control makes conditioner operation more easily and accurately, and liquid can be added evenly. Additionally, double layer conditioner can be equipped.

*Materials can enter the extruder smoothly, and specially designed feeder ensures no block or return of materials. 

*Quick discharging device is equipped under conditioner, with which materials or impurities can be prevented from entering extruder in case of emergency.

*Enhanced adaptation ensures continuous, steady, and efficient manufacture of soybean, corn, and mixed feed etc..

Equipped with wet extruder and expander, extruding and expanding processes can be switched with only few components replacement. 

*Particularly suitable for processing raw materials of medium and large feed, piglet feed and other poultry feed. Connected with pellet mill, extruding pellet mill can be realized. 



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