Wheat Silo With Competitive Price

Wheat Silo With Competitive Price
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Wheat silo body

FDSP wheat silo is made of high quality hot-galvanized steel plates. These plates are connected by high-strength screw bolts. The wheat silo plates’ thickness distribution is set according to equal strength theory which makes the silo plates bear average stress. The vertical friction is supported by the stiffeners. These stiffeners are evenly and vertically distributed in the silos. The connecting screw bolts are served with round galvanized steel washers and the connection holes are served with age-resistant and water-roof washers. The silo plates’ interval is injected by water-proof daub belts that are for aviation special purpose. The wheat silo is assisted with flat repairing doors, outside ladder, ladder guard rings.


Wheat silo roof

The wheat silo top adopts umbrella frame and the frame material is made of C model straight carbon steel. The ceiling is made of galvanized steel tile plates. The silo top served with natural ventilation windows, manhole, ladder, safety guards.


Steel cone base and cement cone/flat base

a.Steel cone base: when the wheat silo capacity is below 800ton and the diameter is below 8.5meter, its base can make into steel cone base. Steel cone base is composed of upright columns, annular girder, cone plates, tie pieces etc. the upright columns are made of national standard I-shaped steel and I-shaped steel is one of the most widely used steel types in steel structure design and manufacturing. It has good structure stability and reliability. Annular girder is shaped by channel steel and it has the function of supporting silo body, connecting columns and base plates. The cone base plates are completely precast. The connection screw bolts are GB 8.8 grade standards parts. All these make installation easy and convenient, and after installation the base is really good-looking, endurable, and reliable.


b.Cement cone/flat base: when the wheat silo capacity is comparatively big and its diameter is below 12m. Its base is generally made into cement cone base. Cement cone base is an inverted cone hopper cast into frame with cement and concrete. It makes unloading stuff automatically. When the wheat silo diameter is more than 12m, because the cone base height is too big, its base generally made into half-cone base or plat base. Half-cone base can’t completely unload the stuff. Flat base silo needs to unload stuff at multi-parts or equipped with a spiral silo cleaner. Cement cone base has a mediate construction period.


The choice of base type should be accorded to the geological condition, raw material price, construction level, workers salary etc. of the customer’s location and finally choose a base type with reasonable cost performance.