With Electricity Control Box Chicken Feed Mixer

With Electricity Control Box Chicken Feed Mixer
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Product Details

feed mill mixer Specifications

1.Double-shaft paddle mixer 
2. 30-120s mixing time 
3. Multi adding system 
4. Carbon or stainless steel

Chicken feed mixer features:
1. High mixing speed and homogeneity, 30-120s per time, and High mixing evenness CV≤5%
2. Specially-designed discharger has big door-opening angle and quick discharging with less remainder;
3. Specially-designed discharger door sealing system has good tightness,ensuring no products leakage;
4. The effective mixing chamber is enlarged and it is applicable for mixing of various light and heavy products.And liquid atomizing and height between products can be guaranteed so as to improve the liquid atomizing and mixing effect and prevent from agglomerating;
5. There are several liquid adding systems so as to meet the customers′requirements on various liquids adding; 

6. It can be fitted with compressed air blowing system according to the requirements of customers;
It is widely used for mixing of power,granular,flake,block,irregular and sticky materials in the industries of feed,cereal,food,chemicals,medicine,pesticide,etc.

Chicken feed mixer Technical Parameters and Performance Index


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