Wood Log Debarker For Sale

Wood Log Debarker For Sale
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Brief introduction of wood debarker /barking machine 
Wood debarking machine is the most advanced products with the best technical properties, which is used to remove skin before rotary cutting in spineless veneer lathe.

FDSP wood debarker machine applies to different diameters of willow, aspen, elm log and branch peeling without timber harm. Wood skin Peeling machine has the high speed peeling, low rate damage of wood and high ability of knot skip, which becomes the best helper of material saving and cost reducing.


Wood debarker machine features: 
1.high efficiency
2.For wood long debarking and peeling process.
3 Debarking rate: 95% above
4.Easy assembly
5.Compact Structure
6.The machine is suitable for debarking the skin of wood in automatic processing.
7.With reasonable design, debarking rate can be above 95% for the wood log in diameter of 50-300mm.
8.High efficiency, and easy for maintenance.
9.It is the best selection for the manufacturing plant in paper pulp, paper making, chips etc.

Processing steps:


The raw logs are carried from upper frame which next to the driving end to the barking trough, there are barking rollers in the trough, and a number of toothed cutters are welded in order on the surface of rollers;

The barking rollers rotate in certain direction under the electrical motor & reducer driving, then peel part of barks directly;

In the meantime, the rotating rollers stir the feeding logs and make these logs rolling, during the rolling, logs collide and twist into each other; 

Thus the rest barks were peeled from the logs and dropped from the gap between rollers and tooth paltes onto the underneath belt conveyor which below the rollers.


Company Information

FDSP has sold Feed machinery and fertilizer machinery throughout China and exported to Korea, South Africa, Russia, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, Egypt, Syria, Nigeria, Ethiopia, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iran etc. 


Warranty and service:

1).Life time free maintenance service. 

2).One year free warranty 

3).Free training course at our factory with professional engineers. 

4).We provide the consumable parts at agent price when you need replacement 

5).24 hours online service each day, free technical support with different languages. 

6).We provide door to door technical support to agents, if necessary. 




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